On the move..new website now live

RightCare is now part of NHS England.

This website is no longer in use and will shortly be closed. You can now access all RightCare information, support and materials on the new NHS RightCare website.


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The Right Care @lert

Document of the Week (26th Sept): Reducing Low-Value Care

This blog discusses how interviews with 13 people representing a breadth of perspective, allowed a better understanding of the complexities of low-value care.

CCGs to get £6 a patient to extend general practice opening hours

BMJ reports that CCGs will receive more funding in order to keep GP surgeries open longer

A value-driven outcomes program is associated with reduced cost and improved quality

This study in JAMA aimed to measure the association of a value-driven outcomes tool that allocates costs of care and quality measures to individual patient encounters with cost reduction and health outcome optimisation

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