Right Care 2013/14

The primary objective for Right Care is to maximise value

  • the value that the patient derives from their own care and treatment
  • the value the whole population derives from the investment in their healthcare

In recognition of the success and value of the Right Care programme, plans have been put in place to take forward the Right Care approach and  ensure that it becomes embedded in the new commissioning and public health agendas for the NHS.

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The Right Care @lert

How Do Patient-Reported Measures (PRMs) Contribute to Value in Health Care?

This blog discusses how the use of PRMs can improve care and help organisations evolve into value-based systems

Futile medical care is crowding out other patients who could otherwise survive and recover

Some patients’ are receiving futile care while other patients who could benefit are unable to get into the intensive care unit

Doctors trained in hospitals with lower-intensity medical practice are more likely to recognise when doing less is better

Where doctors train affects how conservatively they manage patients’ care.

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