Right Care 2014/15

The primary objective for Right Care is to maximise value

  • the value that the patient derives from their own care and treatment
  • the value the whole population derives from the investment in their healthcare

To build on the success and value of the Right Care programme, NHS England and Public Health England are taking forward the Right Care approach through new programmes to ensure that it becomes embedded in the new commissioning and public health agendas for the NHS.

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The Right Care @lert

Ovarian cancer fears prompt unnecessary surgeries, US study finds

This Kaiser Permanente study showed that very few small ovarian tumours turn out to be cancerous, suggesting that many surgical removals are unnecessary

Evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making are interconnected

This viewpoint argues that without shared-decision making (SDM) between clinicians and patients, proper evidence-based medicine (EBM) cannot occur.

Study finds unneeded stress tests cost America more then $500 million

This news item reports on a study that finds inappropriate use of cardiac stress testing is costing the US half a billion dollars a year.

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