CCG Spend and Outcomes Tool

Do you know how much you spend on your population for diabetes care and the health outcomes you get for that spend?

Right Care has funded the development of a CCG SPOT tool is a quadrant anlaysis tool that graphically illustrates where you stand, compared to similar CCG populations, on the health outcomes you are achieving for your health spend – as opposed to simple  “activity” or “spend” analyses. Clinical Commissioners can use the CCG SPOT tool, together with other tools, to identify priority programmes for improvement or innovation programmes.

This tool builds on the previous work on Programme Budgeting and and Spend and Outcomes initiatied by the Department of Health and implemented by YHPHO which produced data based on PCT level populations and extends that to CCG level populations.


There are several Casebooks which Right Care have published which illustrate how local commissioners have used the SPOT tool (and other Right Care tools suchs as the NHS Atlases of Variation) to create insights which have informed strategic commissioning decisions.  We will be adding to this Casebook Series in  the coming weeks:

Accessing the CCG Tool and User Guides

Please note this tool has been updated (March 2012) to include the latest programme budgeting data and outcome indicators. These now include the latest mortality indicators.